Ways You Can Give to SSLL
  1. You can make SSLL as a beneficiary of your donor advised fund, retirement plan, IRA or life insurance policy. Doing so is as simple as filling out a beneficiary designation form from your plan provider or administrator. Bequests can be outright, residual, contingent, or restricted and are advantageous because they can be:
    • Revoked during your lifetime
    • Relatively inexpensive to establish
    • Allow continued use of an asset during the donor’s lifetime
    • Allow yourself or heirs to take a maximum charitable deduction for your estate.
  2. If your estate plan is several years old, or if you don’t have a will or living trust, see an attorney before year’s end to update your plans. When planning your will or updating your existing estate plan, consider adding a bequest to SSLL to continue regular gifts made to our non-profit, educational organization.
  3. Look at your stock portfolio to see if you have appreciated stock or mutual fund shares to use for charitable giving. Not only will you be entitled to a charitable deduction, but you will avoid the capital gains tax (15-20%) that you would owe if you sold the shares. Make sure you have owned the stocks for more than one year. Stock gifts from a brokerage account can be transferred in just a few days, but mutual funds may take a few weeks, so start the process now to qualify for a 2017 deduction.
  4. Check old US Savings Bonds to see if they have stopped earning interest. If you have some of these bonds, redeem them and use the proceeds to make a gift to SSLL. The charitable deduction would more than offset the interest you would have to report.
  5. If you are age 70 ½ or older, tell your IRA custodian to transfer part or all of your 2017 Required Minimum Distribution to SSLL. You’ll avoid the income tax that you would ordinarily have owed on a payment to yourself.

If you make a charitable contribution to SSLL, you will receive a letter indicating the amount given and the date, so you have documentation for your tax year records. We can’t thank you enough for giving us your serious consideration!

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