Registration for Trips & Courses: Details
  1. Registration: Members can register upon receiving their program (early registration). In order to qualify for early registration with the summer program, you would need to be a member on December 31 and renew your membership for the current year. Registration can be mailed or brought to the office. Registrations will be taken in the order received. To guarantee your reservation in a class or trip, payment must be received with your registration form. Trip and class size limits are listed with each description. Maximum Trip size is 29 unless otherwise stated; a registration deadline is needed to be able to secure bus, tickets and meals ahead of time, in order to conduct the trip. All trips are members only. If you have missed the deadline for a trip, you can still call to indicate your interest; however, you may be put on a waiting list or informed that the trip was cancelled because not enough people registered in time to make the event a go. A week before the class or trip, you will receive a notice describing where to meet and what to bring.
  2. Wait Lists: When an event is full, we form a wait list. If a cancellation occurs, we will call the first person on the wait list and continue down until we can fill the vacancy. If you have paid for an event and are waitlisted, you will be refunded once the event takes place.
  3. Trip Activity Levels: Please do not sign up for a trip that is beyond your physical capabilities. All trips have a symbol that shows that trip’s activity level.
    1. E = Easy: minimum walking, some stairs, boarding bus is OK, can stand for up to an hour
    2. M = Moderate: may need to walk a mile, stand for over an hour, may need to climb stairs
    3. H = Hard: may need to walk more than a mile on uneven terrain, may need to climb up to 2 flights of stairs, may need to be in confined spaces, may need to do several activities back to back
  4. Cancellation Notice: If you cannot attend a class for which you already paid, you must notify the SSLL office, 362-3006 ext. 168, one week prior to the class and one month prior to a day trip, in order to receive a refund.
  5. 5-Minute Wait Time: If you are attending a class or trip that specifies meeting at a parking area, the group will wait no more than 5 minutes beyond the posted start time.
  6. Membership and Waiver Form: For each participant, a Waiver must be signed and on file in the SSLL office. Your form will be valid for one calendar year. This policy informs and protects our participants as well as SSLL.
  7. Emergency Contacts: You will be asked to provide emergency contact information on your membership form. Please make sure you use a contact that will not be attending events with you.
  8. Cancellations: If area schools are closed, then all Sunrise Side events for that day will also be cancelled. If there is doubt about events, due to weather, every attempt will be made to phone or email registered participants to inform them about cancelling or not. When SSLL has incurred costs for an event, and there is an unavoidable cancellation due to an Act of God or other intervening circumstance any reimbursement SSLL receives will be passed on to participants. Existing registrations will be honored when/if the event is rescheduled.